I’m sure it’s no surprise that I do yoga every morning.

It didn't start that way though. I began by doing yoga once a week, which slowly grew to two times, then three, and before I knew it, I was hooked and was doing it every day. So much so that my yoga teacher at the time actually gave me the keys to her yoga studio so I could do my own practice when they were closed! 

If you've ever played with the idea of yoga and have wanted to learn, Sun Salutations are a great starting point! They are the best way I know to build up physical strength, while balancing it with flexibility. 

Sun Salutations are an easy way to build up internal heat and warmth in the body, particularly in the morning when your body is naturally most stiff. With regular and consistent practice, the sequence will open up your hamstrings, shoulders and release any tightness in your chest. As you move through the poses, you are also lubricating the joints, which aids in keeping the full range of motion in the body. 

My favourite bit about them? In their repetition, it can become a form of moving meditation. You don’t have to think much and you can just get into the flow of the postures. It’s a great way to focus on being mindful of your breath and learn how to link movement to breath.

For me, I’ve found this the best way to start my day. When your body is strong and your mind is calm, you feel ready to tackle anything the day will bring. Once you get into the routine of feeling this way, I’m sure, like me, you will find it very difficult to skip!

On the mornings that I don’t have much time, I will make sure I do at least 5 rounds of Sun Salutations, followed by 3-5 minutes of meditation. In time, you can build up to 5-7 Sun Salutations, and include the more advanced version of the Sun Salutations.

No matter how advanced you get, there is always more and more to learn about your body through the simple sequence of Sun Salutations. 

So hop on your mat this week and give it a shot!