is my program for you?

Are you someone who has always wanted to get into a stable headstand?

Or perhaps have tried to learn it in a yoga class but found they often skip the posture or spend 2 minutes going through it?

Keen to build the strength for more advanced headstand inversions?

This program will guide you through all the alignment principles, techniques and tips to help you progress towards a stable and correctly aligned headstand.

Build up the strength, learn the anatomy and progress towards the posture you've always wanted to get into!

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17th March2019

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6th January 2019

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 9th October, 2018

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 "Merae's instructions are very clear and precise and I could feel her passion and energy from her voice, not just giving us instruction but she wants us to acheive the best result.

My yoga postures improved slowly and I could feel the benefit of yoga classes as my neck and sholder pain graduly disappeared.
Merae's approach toward to a class was fantastic and so encouraging and I looked forward to attending her class every Sunday" 
- Joanne Park


" I was always a sceptic about yoga but Merae’s enthusiasm and energy changed my mind in the very first session.  The biggest surprise for me was how physically challenging it was.  Merae is a very calm, patient, kind and encouraging teacher.  The sessions are always thoroughly planned in advance and Merae obviously thinks carefully about the structure and content of the practice.  There is enough repetition so that you feel you are progressing, and yet enough variation to make sure you are challenged every week.  Having tried it once or twice when I was younger, I never thought I would do yoga again,.  Now I think I will do it for the rest of my life.  It has greatly improved my mental and physical health. I have Merae to thank for this."

- Justice Peter Hamill 

 "Merae's yoga classes inspired me to broaden my fitness horizons.. She helped me to understand that there is more to fitness than just being fast or strong, and taught me that fitness should be reflection of your lifestyle. Having a long hour, labour intensive job, this is the perfect body release and it has allowed by body to recover more efficiently, as well as feel better and look awesome while doing it!" 

- Nic Lucas


 "Merae is the epitome of the eternal student. Each lesson with her brings a deeper understanding of what you want to achieve in life. I turned to yoga a couple of years ago to relieve stress and anxiety. Merae was a new teacher at the studio I attended, and she turned my casual once a week practice to a deeper desire to learn more. I really learnt the reason behind why yoga is infinite under Merae’s guidance, and never felt disappointed with what I couldn’t do on any given day. It was always a celebration of what I can in the moment. 

I engaged Merae for private lessons, and have since improved exponentially with the one to one focus. Merae’s positivity and work ethic is always present. I have never felt more proud to be a work in progress as someone who is a perfectionist at heart.
My husband is also one of the least likely people to try yoga however he has been making amazing progress in the last 2 months. He has also told me this is the kindest thing I have ever offered him in life. It wouldn’t have been like this with another teacher" 
                 - Jane Schofield